20 Excellent Essay Writing Ideas On Winter Dreams By Scott Fitzgerald

This list of essay questions will help you find the right topic for your Winter Dreams assignment. These questions could also be used as a way to get you thinking about the story and then you can figure out some interesting topics to do for your paper. Make sure you read the story, at least, two times to get a feel for the text and during the second reading take notes that you can refer to for your essay.

20 Excellent Essay Writing Ideas

  • Why is the title important? Why did Fitzgerald use winter instead of other seasons? How does winter affect Dexter’s life?
  • Why is the setting of Winter Dreams significant?
  • Describe Judy Jones at a young age. What do you think about her treatment towards the nurse?
  • What is the reason that Dexter quit his job in your opinion?
  • Dexter is told his winter dream aloud. What would be the dictate of your winter dream?
  • Is this story about denial? If so what is denied in the story?
  • How does Dexter’s perception change of Judy in the second part of the story?
  • How did Judy’s mouth change from the first part of the story to the second and why is this important to the story?
  • The second part of the story used descriptive language to describe the atmosphere, why do you think the author did this with Dexter’s character?
  • What is significant about the song being played on the piano?
  • In the second half of the story, how does the new direction signify to his life?
  • Look at Judy as an adult, describe her, what kind of person did she grow up to be, do you know anyone similar to her?
  • When Dexter surrenders himself, what does that mean?
  • Why does Dexter justify Judy is not being honest with him?
  • How does Dexter’s view of the fall change from the beginning to the end of the story?
  • Dexter’s views on Irene are different than Judy, what are these differences and why did he use different metaphors to describe them?
  • Why was describing Jones’s home in the fourth part of the story important?
  • Why are the laundries significant and why did he want to sell them?
  • What imagery and symbolism is used when Dexter describes Judy’s appearance when he first sees her in the University Club?
  • What does Fitzgerald mean when he talks about the dream being gone and that something is taken away from Dexter?

Use one or more of these ideas to get your mind thinking of an appropriate topic for your writing on Winter Dreams by Scott Fitzgerald.

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