Essay Titles On Animal Farm: 20 Questions To Explore

Animal Farm by George Orwell is one of the most popular books that a student gets acquainted with while he/she is in school. It is a story that shows that all the animals in a fictional Manor Farm unite together to oppose the cruel treatment by their masters. They wish to start a revolution where no animal is controlled or chained and everyone is free and can live life on their own, which they outlined as Animalism. The pigs take up the task of leading these animals, and they even manage to defeat the farm owner, Mr. Jones, a couple of times. Slowly, there arises a struggle of power and authority among the leaders, Snowball, and Napoleon. After a series of events, Napoleon becomes the owner of the entire animal farm and starts behaving like his human master- wearing clothes, carrying whips to boss around and walking upright like humans. He gradually takes up all the antics of a human farm owner, invites another owner Mr. Pilkington for a dinner and proposes to ally himself with the human owners. He even brings back the earlier name of the Manor Farm proposing that it was more befitting. The last scene shows all the animals looking through the window and in their eyes, which have sensed betrayal; they could no longer differentiate between the pigs and the animals.

Apparently it seems a story about a group of animals seeking freedom. But there is an underlying meaning to this story. The novel is actually a critique of the Russian Revolution and the rise of Stalin to power. So, when you are to compile an essay on Animal Farm, it is expected that you are writing only for doing a good background study of the historical framework in which this story lies. While writing a discourse of this novel, you should keep in mind a few facts that will work as an aid to your writing.

Questions to explore

  1. What does Old Major instruct the animal before he dies?
  2. What was the condition of the animal in the Manor farm before they decide to start a revolution?
  3. What differences between man and animal have been pointed out here?
  4. How do the pigs forcibly assume the leadership even before the actual revolution started? Does it indicate the existence of exploitation in communism even before it was established?
  5. What are Animalism and the consecutive Seven Commandments?
  6. What propaganda did Napoleon apply to instigate the animals against the humans?
  7. What was the difference between Napoleon and Snowball in their approach? Describe how it reflects the difference in the attitude of Stalin and Trotsky, the two leaders of the Russian Revolution.
  8. What does the author want to show through the character of Boxer? Does it reflect the nature of the common working man?
  9. What happens during the battle at Windmill?
  10. How the author portrays the hunger for power among the animal?
  11. How is the language used as a means of social control?
  12. How do the pigs rewrite the history?
  13. How did Orwell show the corruption in communism through the special privileges assigned to the pigs for keeping the farm safe?
  14. Why Orwell chose a fable to tell the story of communism and the totalitarianism in Russia?
  15. How is the concept of identity explored in the novel?
  16. Describe the tyranny among the animals in the animal farm?
  17. How is the corruption of power portrayed in the novel?
  18. Comment on how Animal Farm is a satire of the Russian Revolution.
  19. What are the symbolisms that Orwell used in penning down this novel?
  20. What changes come over to the animal farm at the end?

These are a few questions that can be explored.

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