How To Compose A Compare And Contrast Poem Analysis Essay

Poetry is an area of writing that is extremely open to subjective analyses. Poems are meant to be emotionally evocative or they have missed the mark completely. In analyzing two poems to see what ways they are similar and different, your essay writing skills need to be very sharp. Here are a few tips to help you in attempting this:

  • Read both poems carefully
  • If you want to accurately compare any two things you must study them closely. If not you run a high risk of missing some of the best points. Read thoroughly to understand the poets hidden meanings and the intention of the piece. There is almost always another layer aside from the most obvious one.

  • Go over them again taking notes
  • The second reading of your poetry should be done a bit faster. You would have already absorbed the meaning so this time your intention should be to pick out those few things that strike you as especially relevant to the essay you are trying write at this moment. Right them down as they come to you

  • Read your notes and make connections
  • Having created notes, begin to look for the way the issues they contain are linked. This is the beginning of your analysis. Do both poems take place in similar settings? Are they told from the perspective of similar narrators? Any of these links can be expanded up in your writing.

  • Divide your findings into points
  • From the basic connections that you initially found you should be able to create clear points which will be used in the creation of your essay. This is also the first point when you may begin to discard your weaker observations if they run the risk of making the rest of the paper weaker than it needs to be.

  • Place the points within a template
  • Templates are the fastest way to organize your essay so that it is in the format need for submission. You can download a template online for little or no money.

  • Look out for errors
  • Before you contemplate submission, check your work for embarrassing mistakes. These can be easily found if you try and doing so will probably improve your grades.

You can also practice reading and writing poetry on your own time to get a better feel for the art. The next time you compare and contrast you will be very well prepared.

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