List Of 16 Interesting Essay Prompts On Hamlet As A Renaissance Hero

The character of Hamlet as displayed by Shakespeare is one that is enigmatic in nature. There are no specific words that can conclusively define his character traits, but all the same he is fascinating and is considered as a heroic character during the renaissance. If you love writing, read the article below to learn of some essay prompts about this great character.

Generally, a hero is a strong man who accomplishes great achievements throughout his life, a man who is loved by many in his lifetime but dies in the end due to an error in his own judgment of things. The same can be said about Hamlet, who in a way encompasses the main elements of the renaissance. For instance, he is shown to love classical antiquities, a humanist philosopher, he is religious and is somehow displayed as being interested in political affairs.

The following are some of the main essay topics you can derive from the character of Hamlet.

  1. Is Hamlet a tragedy of revenge? Discuss
  2. How does Hamlet’s use of soliloquy display the heroism in him
  3. How does Hamlet express conflicts in his life, both inwardly and outward
  4. Can we say that Hamlet was truly in love with Ophelia? How did the relationship affect Hamlet’s life?
  5. Between Hamlet and Horatio, whom can we best describe as a hero reflecting the elements of the renaissance
  6. How does Hamlet’s display of madness motivate him to do heroic acts
  7. How is Goethe’s opinion about Hamlet? Does his opinion mean that Hamlet was a hero?
  8. What character traits make Hamlet stand out among his peers?
  9. Do you think that Hamlet was actually mad or was he feigning madness throughout the play?
  10. Was Hamlet a hero or a villain? Discuss.
  11. Analyze how Shakespeare brings out Hamlet’s heroic character in his books
  12. Discuss why Hamlet said that most people choose to live and persevere with
  13. hardships when they have the option of committing suicide.
  14. Compare Hamlet’s feelings for Ophelia with those of Romeo and Juliet
  15. What elements in Hamlet do you think if they were altered, he would have had a happy ending
  16. Describe the downfall of Hamlet in relation to most heroic deaths
  17. Compare and contrast the character traits of Hamlet and Claudius. Who was the hero and who was the villain? Explain

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