List Of Discursive Essay Topics For High School And College Students

Students write academic essays of different styles and on different subjects according to the requirements by their teachers. If you are going to create a discursive essay, there are several important things to be kept in mind. You should understand that the purpose of these assignments is to create a strong case for a given subject. You have to choose a subject and pick your stance on it. You need to make sure that you take a stance that you actually want to prove. If you agree with something only then you can convince others to agree with you. However, the audience is not going to rely on your paper only because you believe so. You will need to collect valid and authenticated data relevant to your major arguments so that you can use it to convince your readers.

Choosing the right title for your assignment is critical because it gives direction to your work. You cannot create a strong argument if you are not sure what stance to take or what specific area to address. The title of your paper should be something that convinces the readers to read the rest of the assignment. It should be something that a group of people can disagree to because you are going to create an argument. There is no point in talking over obvious facts or common knowledge statements because they will not lead to an argument.

If you are not sure how to choose a strong title for your discursive essay, then you should consider the following suggestions. These ideas can help trigger fresh ideas that you can use and alter to start your discursive essay.

Topics worth considering for a discursive essay

  1. Drugs and alcohols should be banned for public sale
  2. Government should regulate ammunition carrying and possession laws
  3. It is unlawful to drink and drive and must have serious charges
  4. People need to be less obsessed with disciplining their kids
  5. Listening to music while working can increase productivity
  6. Pregnant women should be allowed to have more flexibility at work
  7. Abortion should be the right of the mother
  8. Abortion is not a choice and it should not be legal
  9. Terrorism is not associated with any religion and it should not be thought of this way
  10. Cats are better pets than dogs

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