Discursive Essay Topics On Media: 28 Excellent Suggestions

A discursive essay will essentially require you to discuss the topic in much the same way that you would if writing an argumentative for persuasive paper. Essentially, you should be arguing in some way about an opinion that you might have, whilst providing relevant facts and information. To give you some ideas of topics that you can write about when using this form of academic writing to discuss the media, the following outlines a selection of suggestions.

  1. Should the media be held more responsible for criminal acts that are carried out by impressionable people after having seen similar acts portrayed on television, or through other media?

  2. Should newspapers be required to publish retractions as visibly as any incorrect stories were published in the first place?

  3. Should television channels refrain from showing sexual content of any kind before a particular time?

  4. Should the media be censored in order to avoid children watching unsuitable content, or is that the role of the parents?

  5. Should newspapers be more heavily regulated?

  6. Is radio important as a form of media in the 21st century?

  7. Does the mass media have a positive influence on the ethics of society?

  8. Is it ever right for celebrities and other people to be subjected to trial by the media?

  9. Is there a need for newspapers in the 21st century?

  10. Should the media be state-controlled?

  11. Is mass media essentially a propaganda tool for the government?

  12. Should the media be forced to provide free educational content?

  13. Should the media be held accountable for any misconceptions that it helps to enforce?

  14. Should the media include graphic images of the brutality of war?

  15. Is the media to blame for much of society’s work woes?

  16. Does the media have too much power?

  17. Should large media corporations be broken down into smaller units, to avoid them having too much power and influence?

  18. Has the media been corrupted by money?

  19. Do politicians rely on the media in order to remain in power?

  20. Can an individual become president of the United States of America without the backing of the media?

  21. Is social media more relevant these days than traditional media?

  22. Do media channels focus too much on celebrity gossip rather than important news?

  23. Is the media responsible for a dumbing down of standards in society?

  24. Can the media be relied upon for accurate news?

  25. Should the media reports on ongoing criminal trials?

  26. Can defendants ever have a fair trial if the details of any criminal proceedings are heavily reported about in the news?

  27. Is the media fair?

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