20 Fresh Ideas For Your Essay On Business Management

When writing an essay on business management it’s always a good idea to take fresh approach by choosing a unique topic. Here are 20 fresh ideas for you to consider:

  1. Discuss the effects of supply chain management in terms of globalization and integration in this current age of e-business.
  2. Compare and contrast different planning effectiveness techniques for internet-based across inter-organizational systems in the U.S.
  3. Choose a specific company in Europe to analyze in terms of how its business management methods have directly resulted in revenue growth.
  4. Compare and contrast different management styles to determine the ones that have successfully transitioned to thrive in the current age of e-business.
  5. Discuss new approaches in leadership styles in terms of how they are effective in facing and overcoming the challenges of the twenty-first century.
  6. What does organizational paranoia mean? Choose a specific example and explain what course of action needs to be taken in order for that company to overcome this kind of fear.
  7. Choose different strategies for management in terms of intercultural dimensions of specific companies in an industry of your choice.
  8. What are the most desired skills in business managers in today’s world of globalized trade and almost instant communication?
  9. How does NAFTA affect employment in the United States? And how do business management techniques counter the negative effects of the agreement?
  10. Discuss the implications of balancing employee telecommunicating. What are the specific impacts to both organizations and individuals?
  11. Do you believe that successful entrepreneurs who did not complete their higher education should be allowed the opportunity to speak at engagements?
  12. How do managers facilitate virtual and mobile work at their companies? Is this a skill that is desired today because of advancements in technologies?
  13. How to you grade or evaluate leadership techniques by managers who do not interact often with their employees or coordinating leads?
  14. How does one narrow the gaps between the skills that are required by an industry of your choice and the skills that are taught in college and graduate school?
  15. Is it a good idea for business managers to adopt pre-employment drug testing as a method of reducing employee turnover?
  16. Discuss the various challenges faced in healthcare management in terms of business and finance? How do insurance companies affect decisions?
  17. In terms of conflict management how do business leaders implement processes that ensure a safe and comfortable working environment?
  18. Compare and contrast different techniques for leading a start-up business with limited resources and financial backing?
  19. How important is company solvency in making leadership change decisions in mid- to large-sized companies with only a decade since starting?
  20. Compare to large scale corporations (300+ employees) and analyze the similar and different business management techniques used to improve profits.

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