Top 15 Argumentative Essay Topics On Global Problems

The ability to construct a superb argumentative essay usually only becomes evident when students access coursework issued in the latter stages of their academic lives. Many pupils claim that they found it easier to write on topics that they were naturally fond of or possessed adequate knowledge pertaining. Get some practice doing this type of assignment in order to learn just how proficient and timely you really are.

The list below consists of fifteen argumentative essay topics on a wide range of global problems that should make for an interesting paper. Do not just attempt the ones you find easy because you may not get to fully challenge yourself which would prepare you for the real thing if you neglect the seemingly difficult ones. Have fun applying the formulas you have learned within your completed paper and observe as your grades escalate.

  1. Write a paper on the threat a backup of waste products which many leading nations produce could have on the health of citizens living near the dump zone.
  2. Should the people of the world be concerned with the amount of nuclear ammunition some of the world’s nations have?
  3. The drive to move away from fossil fuels has been a long and challenging one for humans. Prepare a paper dealing with this transition.
  4. Argue for or against the changing medical structure toward traditional techniques from the western methods.
  5. Write about the dwindling seafood source and prescribe new and practical ways to address it.
  6. Should research be done into finding new ways to govern the citizens of the world and still retain culture?
  7. Make a strong argument against the proposed solutions the authorities have decided on as a means to revive the nutritional value of preexisting agricultural lands.
  8. Find out how to prevent the global climate change that brings about natural disasters.
  9. Refute the budget most leading nations decide upon in order to run a country for a year.
  10. Tackle the issue of deforestation and argue new ways to replant or maintain the worlds forests.
  11. Clearly define the pros and cons regarding the safety of Yellow Stone National Park.
  12. Can Japan truly become fully capable to save every life after an earthquake?
  13. Develop a strong case showing how the eradication of poverty could increase the productivity of a nation.
  14. Are we as a species prepared to withstand or contain a full blown deadly virus or bacteria?
  15. Speak against the currently implemented education system and show how their methods do not provide for efficient worldwide dispersion of knowledge.

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