Composing An Essay On How To Improve Public Transport

The benefits of public transport cannot be denied and hence it has become an interesting essay topic for many school students. It not only reduces our dependence on private cars but benefits environment in myriad of ways.

Students get worried when such topics are provided to them, but actually composing such compositions is an extremely easy task. There are some facets that need to be taken into consideration like the format and the components of the article.

Format usually comprises of three sections

  1. Introduction is the segment which introduces the topic. It should be very unique and force the readers to go through the entire composition because of unique and interesting elements involved. Ensure that you introduce all the significant elements. You can also begin your introduction by asking questions like “how public transport has made commuting less horrified?” Introduce the positive as well as the negative elements based on the title. If the topic is inclined more towards positive aspect, add positive elements and vice versa. Your introduction can also begin with an idiom, phrase or a beautiful thought. Introduce some striking facets about the environment or a quote on pollution. Gradually, take a turn towards the body part of the essay.
  2. Body is the section where you can write as many paragraphs as you want but each paragraph should support a unique point. They should be supported with appropriate and interesting evidences too. However, it is mandatory that you introduce at least 3 paragraphs. When you switch from one paragraph to the other make a beautiful move and link the last sentence of the previous paragraphs with the subsequent paragraph. Body is the place where writer can elaborate as much as he wants maintaining the word limit. This is the biggest section. It can be divided into sections and subsections. Introduce positive elements like money saving, time saving, environment friendly, status of equality etc and link it with public transport. On the other hand you should also talk about the comfort zone, ease of movement, stress, extravagance etc.
  3. Conclusion: This section is comprised of the essence of an essay. This is the shortest section of any composition. When any reader wants to get an idea, they usually go through this section and then decide if the entire paper needs to be read or not. Never rewrite the same points again and again but keep your points crisp and clear. Never introduce any new points.

Once you go through this format, it will make a brilliant piece of writing.

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