How To Write An Essay Report – A Walkthrough For Newbies

This short guide will show you how to begin writing an essay report. It is a rough guide for beginners who can extend their practical learning through further reading on the correct preparation of academic reports or papers. The essay report is usually a lot shorter than a full written assignment, but the required academic conventions still need to be adhered to.

Think about what you need to do

Begin by thinking what is meant by the term ‘report.' Also, take note of the criteria that has been set for you and what it is you have been told to report on. While it is never entirely the same, for practical understanding you could even correlate your task with that of writing a news report, a book or movie review. But stay focused on your designated task and take note of what exactly you will be reporting on. Are you required to report on your own findings based on a research exercise, or are you merely reporting on a list of facts.

Descriptive structure

Think also in terms of describing an event to your readers. Try to put down everything you have observed or read as though your readers will be learning something new. Take note of the journalistic conventions of reporting -the ‘who, where, what and how’. You could break up your short essay to include all of these conventions. Because the report is inherently not going to be longer than three hundred to five hundred words, you also need to practice structuring your sentences coherently, keeping them short and, in turn, keeping paragraphs short. Also, make sure that these paragraphs lead and follow logically.

Academic standards

Just because this report is an abbreviated form of the academic paper does not mean that you have a license to deviate from those already laid down academic conventions. It is still important that you structure your essays correctly, always remembering to include an introduction and shorter conclusion along with the main paragraphs. There is also room for including a list of references to substantiate your document-based reporting.

This short introductory guide should help novice writers, high school students, and college undergraduates begin preparing and writing their own reports or reviews. New writing students should always remember that apart from further reading regular practice will bring about the desired standards of producing written academic work.

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