Looking For An Example Of An Expository Essay Introduction Paragraph

An expository essay is an explanatory one, where there is very little scope for personal opinions and predilections. You need to lay your truck by data and derived knowledge. You also have to make objective enquiry; absolutely untouched by personal biases.

  • Absorption is essential
  • You should go through different samples to absorb how the expository pieces are written and how the English renders an official and formal touch. You need to be point-perfect and precise; calling a spade a spade if you will.

    You can get elaborate illumination if you go through some of the proofread introductions. How the subtleties are handled and how the write-up opens up to subsequent paragraphs is what you should relate with and ingrain.

  • The topic can play games
  • Interestingly, the topic can be an evocative one. This is thus a test of your nonchalance. Suppose you need to write an expository piece on Niagara Falls. You cannot be poetic or wax eloquent on its visual splendor. You just need to present the salient facts about the waterfall.

    You can check out the examples of the Introduction in digital libraries, relevant books and sites; archives et al. You can also ask your classmates and seniors whether they happen to hold any expository piece with them. Knowledge is something which grows when you share it.

  • Clarity is essential
  • You need to keep a clear mind and eliminate all biases while handling such a piece. It admittedly becomes difficult when you chance upon a topic you are generally vocal about. Remember that when you take sides; the objectivity loses itself.

    You should garner comprehensive data in order to create a fulsome write-up that covers the topic thoroughly. This may take some doing and you cannot avoid the labor bit. Meanwhile, here is an example of an expository essay Introduction for your convenience –

‘The level of pollution affecting major cities of this world has become such a terror act that the edifice cannot be ignored any longer. Interestingly, 80% of pollution, if you find a global average, is due to the dirt and dust that accumulates through human indifference. 18% is because of the factories and their excreta. Only 2% is because of the vehicular exhaustions and yet, Governments tend to give it a priority in their bid to curb pollution. This write-up aims to clarify a few definite areas in which things go amiss, either through ulterior motive or because the solutions are just not feasible.’

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