A Comprehensive Guide To Writing An Essay In The MLA Format

Do not reef with worry when you are asked to write your research paper in MLA format. Figuring out the heads and tails of an essay in this format is not a herculean task but will become much easy when you will go through some of its brilliant tips. Apart from that say no to plagiarism. Even when you are referring the resources, you must simply pen down the thoughts strictly in your own words. Copying the content word by word is a big blunder and is a punishable act. There are few online software which can identify your copying act in a fraction of second, hence beware of that.

Basic tips:

  • Be aware of its basic components so that you can pass on the messages pretty effectively.
  • An impressive research paper title is a very important part of the paper and this is the primary step which will make it compelling to the reader.
  • One other parameter that must be met in MLA format is the font size. It must be 12. The content should be written in Times New Roman style.
  • The margin around the edges should not be more than one. In fact they should be one inch from all the four sides.

Important components of MLA style are-

  • The introduction:
  • While writing this section, it is imperative to follow all the above stated steps. It will make the paper a standardized one. Apart from that, it is imperative that you capture the attention of the reader by making an interesting start. Make a robust beginning statement and put across your thoughts right from the very first line to fulfill your objective of creating an excellent write-up.

  • The body:
  • This part is the flesh of the essay. Though based on the length of your composition, you can stretch this part as much as you can but if you are confined by the word limit, you must include at least 3 paragraphs introducing fresh points. This is the section where you can explain ifs and buts and explain the how and why elements.

  • Conclusion:
  • This is the place where you offer a final touch to your writing. Your concluding statement at this phase will derive the juice of your entire essay. The ending should be such that it makes the reader satisfied with the message delivered through the medium of the entire writing. It should not be more than 50 words if the total word length of the composition is 500 words. Ensure that the introduction and conclusion are interlinked and the point raised in the introduction is delivered appropriately in the concluding statement.

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