What Should I Do To Hire My Essay Writer Without Problem?

Often, students worry about a whole myriad of things when ordering essays online. From frustrations with numerous revision requests to possibility of paying and never getting a response from my essay writer, there is usually a lot to think about.

It is for this reason that we have rounded up four important considerations to make to ensure that the ordering process is smooth and rewarding.

  1. Consider the payment method
  2. What payment methods are used by the company? Most companies accept PayPal and Skrill only. Others accept credit cards, and debit cards alongside the two options mentioned above. Think about how you would pay. Do you have money on your credit card? Do you even have a credit card in the first place? See if the company accepts Visa and MasterCard or whether you can engage in bank transfer.

  3. Check the plagiarism policy
  4. You don’t want a situation where you have to complain to the company about unoriginal essays. The truth is that sometimes you may receive papers that are half unoriginal. Some writers can copy-paste chinks of text directly from some of other source especially when they are not competent in the topic or if they are already late on delivery. You need to ensure that the company you’re choosing has a strict policy against the vice. Don’t hesitate to call the company and ask about their stance of plagiarism.

  5. Ask about privacy
  6. Privacy is also very important. If by any chance your professor can find out that you’re ordering papers from an essay writing company, you may be seriously punished. So, ensure that the company you’re hiring has a policy that addresses privacy. How do they ensure that your identity is not disclosed to third parties?

  7. Never pay upfront
  8. The best companies are those that hold the money in escrow and wait for the work to be delivered and accepted before the money is released to the writer. You don’t want a situation where you pay a lot of money and when the paper is delivered, you cannot request for revisions because the writer has already been paid and the contract terminated. You should have the chance to request for as many revisions as you need. Only until you’re satisfied should the money be released to the writer.

You can find here several additional tips to guide you as you make your order. Follow the tips and you’ll have no problems at all.

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