Great Ideas For Composing An Essay About Cause And Effect Of Iraq War

The Iraq war is a major war that occurred at the start of the 21st century , resulting in the toppling of the current government and assigning of a new leader. The war officially began with the US led coalition, invading Iraq territories with a combination military force, made up of soldiers from different countries. This fact could provide you with many angles to form topics for an essay about this war.

When writing an essay, the first step, the selection of a topic, is usually the most important. By using a little imagination, as well as your understanding of what peaks the interest of readers in general, you could win your audience before they even begin reading your story. The following short points will discuss great ideas for composing an essay about the cause and effect of the Iraq war:

  1. The effects the fighting had on the families of soldiers involved.
  2. While soldiers have it very rough out in the fields, during a war, especially when there lives are at risk in the heat of battle, the effects don't end there. At home, the families of these soldiers are faced with the trauma of expecting bad news at any time, this can impact a person’s life in many ways.

  3. Why the US coalition felt it necessary to invade Iraq
  4. What are the major reasons for the invasion and do you think it was justified? Should countries be allowed to dictate the way in which other countries develop? Is it fair to deny Iraq the opportunity to evolve naturally?

  5. Are the people of Iraq in a better position today as a result of the war?
  6. When you look at Iraq today, can you clearly state that the country and people are better off? What would the country have been like had the old government been allowed to continue its activities?

  7. How did the war benefit the attacking countries?
  8. What was gained from this expenditure of lives and resources, by countries affected by the Iraq war? Was the exchange worth it?

  9. Did this war benefit the wider world in anyway?
  10. While this war did affect the whole world, did it benefit the world in anyway? Was there any better course of action that could have been taken instead of outright military incursion? How would a similar situation be dealt with today?

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