Inspiring Ideas For A Narrative Essay About Kings And Queens

A narrative essay can become your favorite academic paper if you know how to approach it properly. The research such a project foresees can be a great and interesting experience or even a challenge that you will surely love.

The Importance of a Good Essay Topic

A narrative project is the one in which you speak about something you have researched without proving any point of view or rendering arguments. You simply collect some information on your topic and compose a king of a smooth and interesting story.

It’s very important to have a topic you really like, otherwise, the process of researching and writing will turn into a trial to you. It’s much easier to search for catchy facts if you feel eager to find and learn something new. If you’re interested in the things you are speaking about, you will be able to get your readers interested, too.

Where to Search for Good Essay Topics

If you are told to come up with a project topic on your own, you can try to search for inspiring ideas on the Internet. It’s sometimes useful to look through related literature because it can give you nice ideas. You can also look through other students’ works in online databases or in the library of your school. It’s not forbidden but the only thing you shouldn’t do it copy the topics that have already been used. Paraphrase the ones you like and ask your teacher’s opinion on the ideas you have developed.

Several Interesting Narrative Essay Ideas

  1. The reason why British kings and queens can’t enter the House of Commons.
  2. How it happened that Louis XIV’s wife sled in the middle of summer.
  3. A medieval king who fought as a knight, being blind.
  4. The way a Swedish king Gustav III checked the harmfulness of tea and coffee.
  5. How a French lawyer became a king of a state in the South America in the 19th century.
  6. The Themes swans that belong to Elizabeth II.
  7. The Croesus of Lydia, an oracle forecast, some misunderstanding, and a tragedy.
  8. Ahmet Zogu, a king of Albania, who has survived more attempts on his life than anybody else.
  9. The Dutch kind Harald who gave his name to the Bluetooth technology.
  10. The true number of kings who preceded the Charles XII of Sweden.
  11. Louis XIX of France as a king for 20 minutes.
  12. Henry VIII, an Old Coppernose.

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