A List Of Strong Ideas For An Informative Essay On Child Abuse

Child abuse is a horrific thing and it can be really traumatic to even write about this. However, if you want to help others who’ve been through this you have to put your emotions away and be as objective as possible. For an informative essay on this theme you have to focus on facts and evidence, not on personal opinions. Choose one of these ideas and start reading about it:

  • Why child abuse is not reported? Studies say that not even half of the cases are reported, and this is because of the reaction of the society. If the children have enough courage to let someone know about what’s happening, very often the family will try to hide it because of the shame that they will feel. They will simply try to make the victim away from the aggressor and pretend that it never happened.

  • What are the consequences of denial? When a child comes forward with something like this he uses all the courage that he has. When the family does not support or believe him he starts to think that he is guilty and he should be blamed. On long term this can have horrific consequences and the child can be a dysfunctional adult from various points of view.

  • Are the laws severe enough? In many countries the laws regarding child abuse are not clear, and the guilty ones are not being punished enough. They get a good lawyer and they are released after a few months in jail. If the punishment is more severe, the frequency of the cases will decrease.

  • Is child marriage a form of child abuse? In some regions parents force their children to marry when they are only a few years old, very often with partners who are much older than them. Since the child is too young to give consent, they are forced to live a life of violence and torture. Can these parents be punished for what they are doing?

  • How can someone notice if a child is being abused? The child is not always abused physically, so there has to be clear evidence besides bruises and marks. Usually the indicators are anxiety, food disorders or aggressive behavior. Can the teachers be trained to notice these signs easily and maybe save the life of a child?

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