Argumentative Essay Topics On Education-Top 20 Topics

Developing argumentative essay topics is not very easy. However, if you make it habitual by reading pertinent information from other sources, you can become a master. In formulating efficacious topics, it is possible to become a pro by adhering to these two factors:

Get prior data from other people’s work

You might have tried it several times but still encountered multiple challenges. It does not however means that you cannot improve. Topic formulation requires frequent studying of work composed by other people who are renowned writers. Therefore, if you read extensively, you will equip yourself with the necessary trick that can aid you handle the work easily.

Draft an appropriate plan

It is easier, to compose the titles or selection from a list when you have a ready working plan. For instance, you need to know what you are going to write about and from that, you can effectively formulate the relevant topics.

In connection to this, you can major on the following key topics:

  1. People who feed on large amounts of fat usually grow fatter than those who do not.
  2. Those who start dating before the age of 18 rarely get married.
  3. The war to curb with terror attacks has contributed greatly to misuse of people’s rights
  4. There should only be a single religion in the world.
  5. The students who get out of high school should sit for a merit exam before they are allowed to join college.
  6. Every citizen should be given equal chances of voting
  7. Animals should not be used for cloning purposes since their rights are violated
  8. Love between two people is not the basis of marriage
  9. Women should be given equal rights of property inheritance with men
  10. Industries that emit harmful substances in water and air should be done away with.
  11. Governments should not be allowed to fight individuals
  12. Cigarette smoking should be prohibited by law
  13. All college students should be given equal chances to request financial aid
  14. In order to do away with alcoholism, heavy prices should be imposed on soft drinks
  15. Illegal brew dealers should be jailed for at least three years
  16. To do away with exam cheating, exams should be removed on the school curriculum
  17. The scientists should not use animals for experiments
  18. Students who fail exams should not join college based on financial backgrounds
  19. All games should be as highly paid as football
  20. All citizens who have jo criminal records should be given a chance to handle guns

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