Essay Topics On Wuthering Heights: 10 Debatable Questions

Coming up with a topic for your essay is one of the first steps that you will have to take. It is an important step as well because if you have a good topic to write your paper on, you will have a better chance to write a good paper. A good way to develop your topic is to utilize a debatable question about Wuthering Heights. It can help you create a solid essay. The main reason why it works so well is because when you are dealing with literature, there is not a manual that goes with it.

There may be some ideas on what the paper is about, but these are debatable. People can perceive the various sections differently. That is why a debatable question is a great way to go. Show how you interpreted the text by answering the question and backing it up with evidence. It is a great way to write a solid essay on the literature piece that you are discussing. In this case, we are dealing with Wuthering Heights and the debatable questions that come up from the reading. These are some question that you can use for your paper.

  1. The characters in Wuthering Heights have similar names. What is the significance of their similarities?
  2. How does the setting contribute to the novel?
  3. How do you interpret Bronte’s view of landscape and nature?
  4. Is the novel a story of despair or redemption?
  5. Does Bronte create three-dimensional characters like Cathy or Heathcliff?
  6. What is Bronte’s intention with the multiple uses of twos?
  7. Is Heathcliff a victim of evil or the force behind it?
  8. How important is class in the story?
  9. How does Nelly Dean influence the narrator’s story?
  10. Is Mr. Lockwood a reliable observer?

Start by answering the question. You will then back it up with evidence. The evidence will be direct quotes from the piece. The direct quotes will help you prove your interpretation of the literature. The evidence should be backed up with an explanation as to why this section makes sense and why it proves your points.

Create an outline to organize your ideas and make sure to edit your rough draft. You can write a solid paper this way and it will help you find the best way to create a solid paper.

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