Guide For Writing An Essay About Smoking Ban In Public Places

  • Introduction:
  • Are you a staunch supporter for banning smoking in public places? Do you believe that second-hand(passive)smoking is more dangerous than actually smoking first hand? Are you trying to convince people that your rationale is right, but you have a hard time finding material or topics that you should include in your paper? If the answer to all of this YES! Well, then you've come just to the right place because in this article I will guide you by providing some helpful tips and areas you should focus on if you're for a smoke ban in public.
  • Medical Complications:
  • You can start your essay by highlighting the serious complication and health related problems that passive smokers may suffer from the activities of a smoker. The instance of lung, mouth and throat cancer is high among passive smokers, and the release of carcinogenic compounds in tobacco is widely believed to cause this issue.
  • Influence:
  • Smoking in public has a tendency to negatively influence people around it especially teenagers and children. Since children catch up very fast on what adults do they will think of smoking as an acceptable behavior and resort to smoking from a very early age and since everyone notices a smoker teenager will think that smoking is cool and become smokers in this process.
  • Discourage Actual Smokers:
  • In your writing, you can highlight the benefit that the first-hand smoker will have from the ban on smoking in public areas because of the time duration the smoker is out in public he won't smoke. Now if his nicotine craving is high, he/she will resort to alternate options such as nicotine gums, patches. These are healthy substitutes and could lead to the smoker eventually quitting smoking altogether.
  • Points for Smoking:
  • One important thing that is highly recommended is that you should do is to include a point of smoking like the rights of a smoker and his freedom and then provide a counter argument such as the rights of non-smoker so that you leave no chance for a counter argument, and your essay will be enough.
  • Conclusion:
  • In this article, you have been guided on how to write an essay on banning smoking in public areas. If you follow all the tips and include these areas in your paper, you will see that your write-up will be comprehensive and have no loopholes or weak arguments that could discredit or challenge your writing.

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