How To Choose Winning Persuasive Essay Topics On Culture And Gender

In modern universities and high schools, the topic of diversity is a common theme in English classes. Out of the many diversity-related topics, culture and gender are standard essay assignments. To get a good grade on this assignment, students must find an interesting, unusual persuasive essay topic. Students can use the following ideas to get started.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Culture and Gender

  1. Women make less for the same job than men, but some argue that this is due to women being more likely to take care of family members or adopt more flexible jobs. Pick a side of the argument and show how women are paid fairly or unfairly for their labor.
  2. How does sexual orientation change over time? Is sexual orientation fluid or fixed?
  3. How did the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s leave a lasting impact in black culture?
  4. In some parts of the world, societies are matriarchies with the woman being the head of the family and community. Scientists have discovered that women in these societies often portray character traits that the west associates with men. What role does culture play in how the genders interact?
  5. Some people argue that adopting dreadlocks, Hindi tattoos, Native American tribal symbols or similar things are signs of cultural appropriation. Is cultural appropriation a positive development that shows respect for the alternative culture or are people making a mockery of these cultures?
  6. What happens to men and women that stray outside of the gender norms? Are they permanently outsiders?
  7. What role does culture have in creating a personal identity?
  8. Why are countercultures appealing to teenagers? Are counterculture movements embraced for their own appeal or just because they are counter to the society's cultural norms?
  9. Why is there such a gap between the books that literature critics like and the general public like?
  10. What is the little brother effect in culture? How do popular culture features like disco and 4chan show this effect?
  11. How pervasive are sexism and racism in popular culture?
  12. Is feminism still relevant today? How does feminism change with each wave of modern feminists?
  13. Is there such a thing as an ideal culture?
  14. How does culture become a lens through which individuals view the world? How does it change their objectivity?
  15. What is cultural shock and why does it occur?
  16. What role does the media and Hollywood play in American culture? Some have said that America's biggest export is its culture. Is this true?

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