Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay About Rainsford And Zaroff

The Most Dangerous Game’s two main characters Rainsford and Zaroff are definitely perfect subjects when writing a compare and contrast type of essay.

Let us delve into writing a compare and contrast essay about Rainsford and Zaroff:

When writing this form of essay, take in mind that a comparison refers to noting either the similarities or differences and similarities; meanwhile, when contrasting, you are noting only the differences. In addition to this, it is worthy of note that the comparison or contrast must be able to serve a purpose or come up with a point. Such essays must be able to do the following:

  • Clear up something that isn’t well-understood or unknown.
  • Must be capable of leading to a fresher knowledge or new approach of perceiving something.
  • Demonstrate that one subject is better than the other one.
  • Bring one or possibly both subjects into sharper focus.

When it comes to the thesis, take into account that this must be able to present the subjects and reveal whether they shall be contracted, compared or both. It is imperative to understand that the same points must be tackled for both subjects; this is not needed, but to this is meant to provide both subjects the same degree of development.

In the same way, a few typical organizational structure consist of subject by subject (block method), comparisons followed by contrasts and at times reverse or point by point. Always be reminded of the significance of using detailed topic sentences and some valuable linking words in order to make the linkage between your subjects clearer to your target readers.

Essentially, it is quite substantial for students to go over their writing assignment carefully. This is because the typical mistake which countless of students make is composing a compare and contrast writing piece when something else is being asked for. Please take into consideration that it is always wise to ensure that you fully understand precisely what your assigned task asks for. If you are uncertain, it is highly advised to ask your instructor for some clarifications and clearer instructions.

If you are to write a compare and contrast about Rainsford and Zaroff, get started as soon as you can. Be reminded that it takes ample time to come up with a well-thought-of thesis about your topics. If you wait till the last minute, this may only cause you to end up cramming and getting a poor grade. It is best to work earlier so that you will have more time to do the necessary revisions if necessary.

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