24 Amazing College Essay Topic Examples For Psychology Students

Being a student who is always writing academic papers, there are times you find it boring to come up with topics for your college essay. Whether you search online or offline for your academic paper topics, you should feel free to seek help anytime you feel overwhelmed with your academic work. This also includes developing topics for such papers. For your psychology academic paper, here are some topic ideas you can research and write on. They are as follows:

  • The effect of dreams on a person’s mental growth
  • Strategies in achieving maximum development of the mind
  • The numerous ramifications of cyber bullying
  • The several ways that bullying affects a victim’s self-esteem
  • Discuss the negative impacts of bullying as it relates to a victim’s emotional development
  • Discuss the mental impact of the crashing economy on graduates in the job market
  • Analyze the negative impacts of a broken home on the children of such home
  • What issues are currently making the rounds in your locality? Access the psychological impact of such issues on one or more groups of people
  • Discuss the psychological impact of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and its effect on young girls
  • Discuss the place of parapsychology in this age.
  • Discuss the various negative impacts of antisocial personality disorder and what can be done to help victims
  • What is borderline personality disorder? How can people living with it be helped?
  • Should parapsychology be given a serious thought or not
  • Discuss eating disorders and how to curb them
  • Analyze the symptoms of depression and how to help depressed persons
  • How to understand a person’s phobia and help him or her in facing such fears
  • Discuss the advantages of cognitive behavioural therapy
  • What is psychoanalysis and how can it help?
  • Understanding seasonal affective disorder and the related symptoms
  • What is schizophrenia and how can its patients be helped?
  • Profile group therapy, discussing its advantages and disadvantages
  • Discuss false memories, its symptoms etc
  • Discuss learning disabilities and how to help sufferers develop their self-esteem
  • Discuss child abuse and its negative impact on the child’s psychological development

These are some of the best topics you can find in writing your psychology essay. As much as possible, make sure you keep your topic narrowed down. This way, you will perform exceedingly well, both in research and writing.

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