Good Essay Topics About Dorian Gray: A List Of Suggestions

The Picture of Dorian Gray is the most famous novel composed by Oscar Wilde. The readers have enjoyed it since 1890. The themes discussed there are still topical and worth reflecting on. So, writing an essay about Dorian Gray is a popular assignment in literature class. The following list of suggestions is designed to help you get inspired.

What Essay Topic Ideas About the Main Character to Consider

Having a list of sample topics for your literary essay is very helpful if you do not have an assigned topic. This also saves your time, as you do not have to brainstorm or re-read the book to find something to write about in your paper. So, check the following prompts:

  1. Explain how Dorian gets the idea that his portrait ages in such an unusual way.
  2. Discuss why the main character decides to hide his portrait and where he places it.
  3. Describe what Dorian sees in the conservatory window at his estate and why the author considers that scene important to the novel.
  4. Write about how Dorian’s perception of the portrait has changed after he left Hetty Merton.
  5. Compare and contrast Dorian to the Faust theme.
  6. Examine the nature of friendship in the novel. How do Dorian and Basil relate to each other?
  7. Discuss the influence of Lord Henry on Dorian’s character.
  8. Invent a scenario in which the main hero did not destroy the portrait. What would happen then?
  9. Argue that Dorian is responsible for the ruined lives of the close people.
  10. Analyze the concepts of sin and redemption as they are considered by the main character.
  11. Identify how manipulation affects Dorian.
  12. Consider the role of innocence in the novel and what Gray says about it.
  13. Describe the relationship between Dorian and woman. Does he love Sybil Vane?
  14. Select a quote by the main hero about time and analyze it in your essay.
  15. Claim that Dorian is an artist in the way he lives his life.

Final Comments and Suggestions

You can use any of the aforementioned topics to compose your essay. Either way, you should carefully read the book and select evidence to support your ideas. It makes sense to look through some reviews written by literary critiques so that you could add more details to your paper. Make sure that you introduce each quotation and format it properly. You should also remember the word limit for your assignment and other requirements.

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