10 Great Ideas For Writing An Essay On The Ways To Make The World Better

Making the world better should be a top priority for everyone, including students and teachers. As a student, you can raise awareness regarding certain issues and search for a solution with your colleagues. A great way to start talking about this is to write an essay and read it in front of your class. These great ideas will give you a good start (unless you want to buy custom essays online):

  1. Discrimination and how to fight against it. Students can’t make big financial efforts or donate a lot of money to organizations, but they can make a difference only by talking. Discuss about ways to prevent discrimination and to fight against the ones who do it.

  2. Religious extremism. It is not easy to change someone’s opinion about religion, but you can explain to them why they should behave peacefully. All religions promote kindness, but many people don’t understand this and misinterpret religious books.

  3. Positivity. Why not write a composition about ways to spread positivity and good vibes? I bet that your classmates will feel much better after this.

  4. World hunger and third world countries. Big changes come from small gestures, so even donating a few clothes to a charity organization can be a really good thing. Convince your colleagues to take initiative in this direction.

  5. Social behavior. Walking on the street you can notice many people who are sad or frustrated and forget to help the ones in need. Explain how a small proof of kindness can trigger a chain reaction and become a really huge positive thing.

  6. Aggressive marketing campaigns. Is there any way to stop big companies from promoting unhealthy products?

  7. Drugs and alcohol. They can be used in recreational purposes but they can also hurt many people. Explain why they are so dangerous and why they should be avoided.

  8. International communications. How important it is to communicate with people from other countries? Can this have a positive impact on our future?

  9. Multicultural events. This is a great way to make sure that your country understands and accepts other cultures. This can prevent discrimination and other negative social behaviors.

  10. Psychological counseling for students. If schools would provide this many students would feel more comfortable in their own skin. This means that they would also be more open to help other people.

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