Hot Topics For Essay Writing: A List Of Unique Ideas

Writing an essay is not really difficult. But choosing a topic can be difficult for some students. When you are about to write on something you will have to make sure that it is an unique idea that has not being used by too many writers before you. The topic should also have enough research materials so that you are able to finish it. Without facts and information a paper is never complete. What you need to do is find the middle ground.

You cannot select a topic that has next to information because then your whole paper will be jeopardized and you will not be able to complete the essay on time. But if you select one of the most popular topics then your essay will be mediocre and fail to impress your professors. So it is better if you select a topic that has not been written upon too much but there is plenty of information about it. Another thing you can do is take one of the popular topics and then change the angel so that the topic seems fresh and yet you have enough research materials to go through.

Some topics to get you started:

  • How to give obedience training to dogs.
  • Your favorite era in the American history and what makes it so special. You may change the basic perspective and write something unique and interesting from history.
  • The steps that a person can take to quit smoking. Write this with unconventional examples.
  • Will you be different if you had lived in a different country?
  • When is the best time to learn a new musical instrument?
  • Your favorite character from a book movie or TV show. You can make this conventional topic interesting by the choice of character.
  • Your favorite automobile and what makes it so special.
  • The dish that you love cooking or eating. Things that make the dish so mouth watering.
  • An adventure sports you tried and cannot forget the experience. It can be bungee jumping, rafting or skiing something which you did recently and have a vivid memory of.
  • What will you do if you ever get the chance to visit Alaska?
  • The experiences you made while spending your first day away from home.
  • The most memorable camping trip you have made.
  • How should an ideal vacation be?

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