Creating A Strong 3-Paragrah Essay About Potential Internet Dangers

There are several writing assignments one will encounter through his or her academic career, and one of the projects one will see early in school will be the 3-paragraph essay. Even though these papers are a lot shorter than most other assignments you will see, they can especially challenging because there isn’t much room for discussing matters that don’t immediately address the topic. But that’s the very purpose for learning how to write this kind of paper: in order to learn how to be direct and clear in one’s approach without having to employ poor tactics or filler statements. Here are directions for writing a strong 3-page essay on the topic of potential internet dangers:

  • Conduct background and in-depth research:
  • There is a lot of information you can find on potential internet dangers online, as it is a current hot topic with a lot of surrounding discussion. Background information should familiarize you with terms and some of the key questions, but it’s still important that you conduct some in-depth research to find detailed information in terms of the topic’s place in academia.

  • Understand the structure of this kind of paper:
  • This kind of assignment isn’t seen often in professional writing, but is common in middle school as a way for students to learn how to structure a clear and concise argument. The introduction should quickly introduce the topic and provide the reader with all the background information he or she needs to understand the argument. The middle paragraph should present the main argument, usually with no more than 1 or 2 supporting examples. And the last sentence should summarize the argument you’ve presented.

  • Revise your content and edit for clarity:
  • Set your first draft aside for a few days before coming back to it to work on a revision. You should look for ways in which your writing can be improved by removing content, rearranging content, and possibly even adding new material. You may simply change up a sentence or two or entire paragraphs, just don’t hesitate to make changes if it makes for a better written piece.

  • Proofread your work at three levels for accuracy:
  • The last stage in creating a strong 3-paragraph essay is thoroughly proofreading your work. You should do this at three separate levels: the paper level, the paragraph level, and finally at the sentence level. Look for mistakes in grammar, punctuation and spelling, paying special attention to the mistakes you most commonly make.

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