Top 22 Most Interesting Essay Topics On American Beauty

There are so many connecting themes in film entitled American Beauty. All themes whether cinematography, characterization as well as plot, all these are precisely conveyed. In general, this movie is eminently successful in counter and layered themes. What is more, the primary themes that the movie highlights all through the film are that of repression and denial, feeling connected versus loneliness, beauty both objective and subjective, reality versus appearance, chaos versus control, searching and change and also materialism.

If you are to write about American Beauty, what topic would you like to write about the film? What interesting and noteworthy information and message do you wish to relay to your readers regarding the movie? If you find it a challenging and time-consuming task to think of possible topic for your paper, then, you may refer to the following:

Here are some of the interesting subject matters you can consider for your writing project:

  1. Many of the characters in the movie show symptoms of seriously low self-esteem. Choose one such character and expound why his or her feelings go through this very dramatic transformation
  2. The State of Despair in American Beauty
  3. Choose an image or idea of "American Beauty" that you simply regard as relevant and expound how it connects to the film
  4. Society's Perception of Beauty and Its effects on Individuals
  5. The Hidden Themes in "American Beauty"
  6. Consider why the director and/or writer of the film have picked roses as one of the main symbols in the movie. Think about what ideas do these flowers convey that are deemed as substantial to the general meaning of the movie?
  7. Psychology in American Beauty
  8. Deconstructing the Concept of Beauty
  9. Think about the extraordinary success enjoyed by the film American Beauty upon its release. Write about what might have accounted for this huge success
  10. What is Beauty: Unrealistic and Unachievable
  11. Discuss about Self-discovery in American Beauty
  12. Attractiveness over Intelligence
  13. People’s Fatal Quest for Beauty
  14. The High Significance of Women’s Physical Attractiveness
  15. The Beauty in the Truth of our Ugly Lives
  16. The Role of Physical Beauty in Relationships
  17. The Price of Beauty
  18. Why American Beauty is the Best Movie Ever Made?
  19. What is the Essence of Physical Beauty
  20. How the Portrayal of Beauty Affects Societies Today?
  21. What is Meant by Stereotypical Beauty?
  22. Discuss the Old Adage that Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

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