10 Mistakes To Avoid While Writing An Explanatory Essay

Any essay and an explanatory essay in particular require you to follow a series of well-established rules. There is a structure you need to follow in the presentation of your explanatory essay. It is possible to make a number of mistakes and this article sets out to inform you of those mistakes.

  1. Do you understand the question or the topic?
  2. Have you written a detailed thesis statement?
  3. Have you prepared a plan and a timetable?
  4. Do you understand the definition and role of introduction and conclusion?
  5. Have you done sufficient and correct research?
  6. Do you know the correct way to write a citation?
  7. Are you basing your writing on accurate information or letting your ego run free?
  8. Have you carried our proper editing? It is a mistake to not know how to do this and polishing?
  9. Do you have a submission checklist which is accurate?
  10. Have you included all the basic information including the title?

If you do not write according to the topic, if you stray off the topic or do not answer the question being asked in the thesis statement then you have made a serious mistake. And speaking of thesis statements, you need to take your time in creating this. It is the crux of your argument. Get it right.

If you start writing your explanatory essay without having developed a plan and a timetable you are asking for trouble. This is a basic mistake you can avoid.

Your essay has different components including the introduction and conclusion. Can you accurately define what these things are? If not you will have made a serious mistake. The same goes for your research. Unless you gather information from reputable resources, your quotes will not have sufficient quality. And if you are going to put forward a citation from a reputable source, you need to know the correct technique of citation. If you're not sure, ask.

It is an explanatory essay and it needs a clear and precise explanation. Do not rely on your subjective thoughts but collect proven material and refer to it throughout. And once you have finished the first draft of your essay you will need to carry out the correct editing. It is a mistake to not know how to do this.

You must have an explanatory essay check list which is accurate. Work through the checklist to see you have included every activity.

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